December 30, 2013

A review on my year

The past twelve months have been the busiest and most exciting so far in my Wedding Photography career.

I sincerely thank each and every one of my couples, (bridal and engagement), for placing their trust in me to document such precious memories.
Each wedding day is the result of months of creative planning, co-operation and organization. I feel  honoured to be invited to personally witness and share a couple’s most personal and private moments.

It is always fun and quite nostalgic to sort through the year’s portraits and re-experience the joy, love, beauty and uniqueness of each couple and their special day.

There are many highlights to savour – rich and varied emotions, loving interactions, beautiful brides and attendants in stunning gowns, immaculately dressed groomsmen, sacred ceremonies, heartfelt vows, fragrant flowers and memorable rural and city venues. Add to that happy, well-wishing family and friends, dancing, fabulous food, wine and music and you can see why I feel very privileged to be invited to record such important occasions.

I am passionate about capturing the fleeting moments, spontaneous emotions and loving rapport between partners in sensitive portraits which truly reflect the essence of the day in a natural way.




A wedding day has many pure and raw emotional responses which I am privileged to witness through the lens of my little camera.

Here are some of my favourites:

–       Pre-wedding nervousness which rapidly transforms into beaming joy and relaxation like the flick of a switch once the formalities are over and the newly married couple walk down the aisle together.

–       The groom’s face as he views his beautiful bride for the first time. Some grooms smile from ear to ear, some shed a tear, some are wide-eyed with wonder and others keep it all together with a stiff upper lip.

–       Father’s look of pride as he presents his beautiful daughter to her husband-to-be.

–       Mum’s eyes brimming with tears as she sits in the front row, overcome by emotion.

–       The first kiss – sometimes short and sweet, sometimes long and passionate.

–       Portrait time – some couples are cuddly and romantic, others take time to relax, some laugh and play and are completely natural.

–       First dances that have been practised to perfection, some that are slow and intimate and other couples who simply sway together to the music.

–       Speeches that provoke tears, embarrassment, laughter, sadness, joy, gratitude and pride.

I am so looking forward to all the weddings and engagements I have booked for 2014. I am sure it will be another amazing year.

To every single person who visits my Wedding Blog, best wishes for a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.


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Thank you for sharing snippets of your work for the year of 2013! Beautiful weddings and beautiful photography! Look forward to seeing what you capture in 2014!

10:47 January 7, 2014