October 6, 2013

Ai Vee and Roy – Engagement Portraits

Ai Vee and Roy became engaged on 12/12/12, a very memorable and auspicious date, considered by many to symbolize good fortune, harmony, and the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Roy had surprised an unsuspecting Ai Vee with a sparkling diamond ring, which he had chosen himself. His trembling nervousness had instantly transformed into joyous relief when she happily accepted his proposal.

They had first met in an Intensive Care unit in a Singapore hospital where they both worked. Roy had accepted an offer of employment there for 12 months. Roy’s initial impression was that Ai Vee “looked cute”. Ai Vee thought that Roy was “loud”!

Over time, their relationship blossomed from casual acquaintance, to friendship and then into love.

“One fine day”, Ai Vee was on her way home to Melaka for the weekend when Roy’s car pulled up alongside hers at the traffic lights.

It was then that they discovered that they both came from the same hometown and that their older sisters used to be classmates! It’s a “small world” for the loving couple who enjoy “a mix of chemistry, great communication, love of food, travel and more….”

Their first official date was in Singapore, to see the movie, “Milk”. Ai Vee laughs when Roy pouts, or describes her as an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.Roy laughs when Ai Vee says anything “corny”, “which is often”!

For their Engagement Portraits, the happy couple chose the World Heritage listed Carlton Gardens in Melbourne to capture their love of nature – and the inner city laneways as a complete contrast.

Their carefully chosen clothing intensifies the colour, atmosphere and harmony of the photographs.

An elegant Autumn tree, in the process of transforming its Summer green foliage to butter yellow, burnt orange and fiery crimson, is enhanced by Ai Vee’s fuschia pink dress and Roy’s matching striped shirt.

A background of man-made blocks of pure, bright colour – apple green, sunny yellow and sky blue, reflects the couple’s sense of joy and celebration.

In calm white and ocean blue, Ai Vee and Roy connect with the coolness of a shady bower of greenery, as they embrace on a soft carpet of Autumn leaves.

Ai Vee and Roy blend beautifully with the neutral tones of the laneways – pale plaster, weathered brick walls, and creamy, peeling paint. Ai Vee’s bright dress collar highlights the warm orange tones in the shops and buildings and the floral print pattern is subtle yet sweet.

As they stand, hands linked, on either side of smooth stone steps leading to a glossy, red door, we sense that Ai Vee and Roy are entering the new phase of their lives with continuing love, joy and good fortune!

Wishing you both a wedding filled with so much joy and happiness, in Melaka this October!

Melbourne Carlton Gardens: http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/Placestogo/ParksandGardens/AllParksandGardens/Pages/4446.aspx

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