June 12, 2015

Jayne and Mark – Botanical gardens wedding

As the City began to wake on a calm, fine morning, Jayne and her bridesmaids arrived early at Miss Fox, a boutique beauty parlour in Little Collins Street.

Jayne’s long, thick tresses were expertly styled into glamorous, retro waves and secured with a glittering silver side comb. The bridesmaids’ hair was carefully pinned into soft “updos”.


On returning to the luxurious Langham Hotel, Jayne carefully put on her freshwater pearl earrings and proudly wore her “Hearts on Fire Atlantico” Engagement ring.

After 12 years together, Mark had proposed on Boxing Day 2013 under their favourite tree at Jell’s Park.

Jayne was amazed that he was able to surprise her with the proposal, the ring and a matching brilliant diamond necklace as well. He had been secretly searching for the perfect ring for 12 months!

Mark and Jayne were elated. The timing was perfect. Having completed many years of study in their chosen fields they were on the threshold of beginning a new chapter of their life together.




Jayne was carefully buttoned into her elegant, ivory silk, cashmere wedding gown by her Mother and bridesmaids who were honoured to share the emotion and significance of this precious moment.

Luminescent light from a glittering chandelier highlighted Jayne’s graceful, Mariana Hardwick Amira gown. The strapless, sweetheart neckline and “mermaid tail” of luxurious folds flowed into a rippling, fan-shaped train.

Jayne glowed radiantly with a serene and natural beauty.

Her generous bouquet of vintage roses in sweet sherbert shades of apricot, marshmallow pink and creamy white was entwined with vibrant green foliage and trailing willow wood.


Jayne and Mark’s shared passion for flowers and trees and parks and gardens (and ducks!) provided the inspiration for their wedding colour scheme, décor and venue.

Melbourne’s beautiful Botanic Gardens were the perfect choice for the couple’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception as they had spent many happy hours together there.

Historic Rose Pavilion, nestled in greenery and adorned with fresh flowers, provided an intimate, perfumed, floral arbor for Jayne and Mark to exchange their wedding vows.


Mark and his groomsmen waited expectantly in the pavilion, wearing charcoal Peter Jackson suits, pure white shirts and rose buttonholes.

As Mark glimpsed his bride alighting from the white, 1950’s Jaguar MK5 convertible, his first response was that she looked “so beautiful.”

He particularly noticed her hair tumbling over one bare shoulder, her long flowing dress and her full-bloomed rose bouquet.

To the delicate strains of ‘The Swan”, harpist Michael Johnson’s original composition, the bridesmaids led the way down the open air aisle, heralding the arrival of Jayne – radiant, joyful, relaxed and proudly accompanied by her Mother and Father.


“As Jayne entered the Pavilion I saw her face properly and she looked gorgeous!

I looked into her happy, smiling eyes and I felt a curious mixture of love, excitement, anticipation and nervousness which ultimately led to our emotional exchange of vows.”

Jayne felt “overwhelmed by the magic of the moment; the beautiful, intimate environment, being surrounded by closest friends and family, and the joy and anticipation of sharing vows with the man I will spend the rest of my life with.”


The heartfelt vows that Jayne and Mark expressed to each other at the floral altar, under the gentle guidance of Celebrant Maree Livy, triggered tears, not only in themselves and the guests, but even in bystanders who were watching from outside.

“We both knew it would be an emotional experience but we weren’t prepared for our reactions to hearing each other express our love and commitment.


The Wedding Party relaxed in the Gardens’ tranquil and lush surroundings, creating wonderful portraits to cherish forever.

Jayne and Mark’s “loving, harmonious, symbiotic and ‘cromulent’, (“Simpson’s word meaning excellent), relationship” is reflected in their expressive couples’ portraits.

Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_020Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_021Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_022Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_023Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_024Botanical_Garden_Melbourne_Wedding_Photography_025They share a wicked sense of humour and a love of Nature, Science, animals, exercising and “nonsensical ramblings and oddball discussions”!

Jayne loves Mark’s intelligence, ingenuity and quirky sense of humour; his practicality and stability, warmth, caring and dependability; his “ability to detect when I am about to ‘crash’ from lack of food and step inappropriately”.

Mark loves Jayne’s mischievous sense of humour, intelligence and aptitude for learning new things quickly; her occasional “careless abandon” which balances his practicality.

“Caring and sensitive, she always wants to look after people and animals. She is creative, artistic and gorgeous”.





The Wedding Reception was only a short stroll away at historic Gardens House. Jayne and Mark immediately fell in love with the romantic house and private garden the moment they saw it.

The Wedding cake had been lovingly baked by Mark’s Mother and catered for all tastes, having two tiers of Chocolate Mud Cake and one tier of Fruit Cake.

Mark not only iced it with an engineer’s precision but also created the cute, fondant, wedding duck couple that sat atop the flower-laden cake.



After a delicious dinner and a tantalizing selection of “wandering desserts”, guests gathered around the lawn in the private garden to celebrate Jayne and Mark’s first dance together as husband and wife.

It was a brilliant highlight and very entertaining.

To the music of “Alright, OK, You Win” by the Delta Rhythm Boys, Jayne and Mark wowed their guests with a series of energetic and agile ‘swing’ moves and soon everyone was clapping, smiling, bopping and inspired to dance.


At the end of the evening, the newlyweds spent a romantic, private moment embracing in the softly lit garden.

They had eyes only for each other, connected by a sense of deep love, joy and wonderment.

Their Wedding had been amazing. They sealed it with a tender kiss and basked in the afterglow of “the best day of our lives so far”.

Jayne and Marks’s Wedding Team:

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