July 15, 2016

Celeste and Lachlan – Abbotsford Convent Wedding Photography

Celeste and Lachlan prepared for their wonderful Wedding Day with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Celeste worried that rain would spoil the outdoor ceremony whilst Lachlan was hoping that everything would go to plan.


Celeste was lovingly assisted in her preparations by her Mother, sister and friends in the comfort of the home she shared with Lachlan.

With her lustrous dark hair swept to one side and secured with a glittering hair ornament, Celeste was helped into her graceful               Anna Campbell wedding gown.


A yoke of sheer lace flowed into dainty cap sleeves and tiers of scalloped lace overlaid the figure hugging skirt. The back also featured intricate lace and a pretty bow.



Celeste carried an impressive large bouquet brimming with fresh white daisies, perfumed roses and contrasting greenery. A fine tulle veil trailed lightly behind her.

The Autumn garden at Abbotsford Convent glowed with vibrant colour and Nature’s abundance.

While guests assembled on the lawn, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom, Lachlan and “the boys” relaxed in the Courtyard, sporting metal blue suit coats and distinctive buttonholes bound with string.


Celeste’s Father guided her protectively towards the red carpet and Lachlan caught a first glimpse of his glowing bride.

“I thought that she looked beautiful and I hadn’t seen the dress before either.”

I was feeling excited to share my love for her in front of everyone.”

Overcome with emotion, Celeste was silently repeating her mantra, “Must. Not. Cry.”


The couple were blessed with fine weather and sealed their heartfelt vows with a kiss.

The graceful music of Pachelbel’s Canon filtered through the sheltered garden as the happy newlyweds walked hand in hand down the aisle.


Who would have thought that a few years earlier, a single glass of Gin would bring them together?

Lachlan had noticed “how incredibly beautiful” Celeste was at a raucous Christmas party at the Leveson Hotel in North Melbourne.

He also noticed that Celeste had taken his Gin without asking!

So he had to speak with her.

Celeste was captivated by his blue eyes and that clinched it. They became a couple, initially thanks to a glass of Gin!


In 2013 Lachlan chose Melbourne’s Eureka Tower, 89 Sky Deck Restaurant as a special place to propose to Celeste.

“The location and words of Lachlan’s proposal are etched into my memory forever.”

“I’ve brought you here today because as you know I’m terrified of heights and I wanted to show you that I am willing to do anything for you. Will you marry me?”

Lachlan had proven that his love knows no bounds. He had chosen the ring himself, with the help of the Maid of Honour.


“He is a hopeless romantic and will do anything to make me happy.”

“We are constantly laughing together.”

“He is very decisive and efficient. His decisiveness balances out my caution and makes us a good team!”

Lachlan admires Celeste’s emotional intelligence, her kindness, deep caring and that she makes him smile.

He finds it “funny and cute” that she cries at emotional moments in movies. “If she doesn’t cry the movie is a complete failure!”


With its lush gardens, rustic textured walls and sheltered courtyards, Melbourne’s historic Abbotsford Convent “suited the mood and vibe we wanted for the Wedding.”

The on site Rosina Function Space provided the perfect reception venue for one hundred people. Fairy lights twinkled as guests dined under festoons of greenery and at tables decorated with fresh white flowers.

Celeste and Lachlan had their intimate first dance to Ed Sheeran’s song, “Thinking Out Loud”.


A special moment for Lachlan was Celeste helping to guide his hand as they cut the colourful, floral, sponge Wedding cake.

Celeste’s memorable moment was being overcome with emotion and trying not to cry as they were exchanging vows.


Guests danced the night away and surrounded Celeste and Lachlan in a circle of joy and love and celebration.

Celeste and Lachlan’s Wedding Team:

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