September 17, 2013

Emma and Dave – Engagement Portraits

Emma and Dave chose to capture their Engagement portraits on a Winter’s day in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Fitzroy.

As they relaxed into the photo session, the happy couple posed naturally in the narrow, cobbled laneways, glossy puddles of rainwater glinting in the soft light.

The urban streetscape of Fitzroy evokes a sense of history and has a well-worn beauty all of its own.

Extensive walls of colourful Street Art provide a lively, energetic and warm background for Emma and Dave’s expressions of love, joy and laughter.

After meeting at work and sharing laughter, fun and friendship together, Emma and Dave’s first ‘proper” date was in Chapel Street, South Yarra. Emma’s family had recently lost their home in Kinglake in the devastating Black Saturday bushfires and most of her treasured childhood toys and books had been destroyed.

Dave, thoughtful and sweet, gave Emma a special gift – a little Golden Book with a personal message in it which touched her heart.

Dave lived in the Western suburbs and Emma in the East of Melbourne, so they began their courtship with a caring compromise –Fitzroy, being the halfway point, provided the perfect location for their blossoming love. They spent time together in the local cafes and bookshops there so it has always held a special place in their hearts.

Love, laughter, fun, kindness, caring and friendship are the golden threads that draw Emma and Dave together.

In Emma’s words, “As long as we’re laughing, everything is perfect”.

Emma laughs at Dave’s attempts at dancing and his impersonations.

Dave laughs at Emma’s “rantings” at the people in the “silly” shows she insists on watching on TV, and her awful singing in the car – “move over Whitney!”

Even though at first a nervous Dave felt his proposal was “disastrous”, it turned out to be creative, romantic, unique, thoughtful and wonderfully memorable. (and successful!)

He was planning to re-enact a significant date that he and Emma had had at Birrarung Marr, on the North bank of the Yarra River, at the six month point in their relationship; but the ferris wheel wasn’t there any more!

Dave discovered a photo booth, (he and Emma had always had fun with those!), and decided to create separate signs that read, “Will You Marry Me?” and hold them up in individual photos.

It was the perfect proposal for Emma who just “loves him to pieces”.

She knows that “Dave loves me for exactly who I am and that that’s returned makes our relationship so strong”.

Dave describes Emma as “my perfect partner, my best friend and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

When people admire Emma’s exquisite Engagement ring and ask Dave if he designed it, he cheekily replies, “I just paid for it!”

In actual fact, Emma chose the unusual, large Asscher diamond and then they both selected the halo of diamonds around it and the glittering band. They waited anxiously and excitedly for a month to see the precious ring completed. Dave felt that presenting the ring to Emma, “beautiful ring for a gorgeous girl”, was “the happiest moment of my life!”

Emma and Dave, very much in love, excitedly await their February Wedding Day in the peak of Summer in a quiet garden setting in the Dandenongs, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

They are such a fun-loving couple. I enjoyed capturing their precious memories and experiencing one of their favourite places, Fitzroy, in a new way. I can’t wait to photograph their special day in February!




What a great engagement shoot! I love how natural and relaxed the couple appear and the great locations. Creative compositions and beautiful moments - photos for the couple to treasure!

10:56 September 17, 2013

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