April 12, 2016

Kaeli and Dave – St Kilda Wedding

Kaeli and Dave were filled with excitement and delicious anticipation on the morning of their Wedding day as they prepared with the help of family and friends.

Dave’s stylish Ivory suit jacket was similar in design to one worn by his Pa, a very special person in his life who had passed away a year earlier. A recreated photo also gave Dave much comfort and a sense of his Pa’s presence on the Wedding day.

Kaeli shared a close relationship with her Pa as well. He had died a few years earlier. A positive and loving man, he had “adored her Nan more than anything in the world”. She wore his wedding band and her Nan’s engagement ring to honour them both.

Kaeli smiled radiantly as she was carefully secured into her Raffaele Cuica Wedding gown. The figure-hugging lace bodice flowed into an ethereal “A line” skirt – a cloud of feather-light layers of filmy tulle that would grace a fairy-tale princess.

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St Mary’s Church, St Kilda East, holds cherished memories for Dave as three generations of his family have married there. He and Kaeli proudly continued the tradition in the historic bluestone Church.

Kaeli’s full-length veil floated regally behind her as she walked arm in arm with her beaming parents towards the ornate altar of St Mary’s. She “wowed” Dave with “how amazing she looked in that moment”. He marvelled at how happy she was, “considering she was about to marry me!”

Kaeli felt joyous relief! “The pressure of the day had finally hit me in the limo ride, but once I saw Dave I knew nothing could go wrong. Nothing else mattered!”

The warm, intimate atmosphere was enhanced by the heartfelt words of the Priest who was a dear friend of the couple. Vivid stained glass windows bathed the joyful gathering in filtered light.

Kaeli’s sister Jade, their “amazing” Matron of Honour, sang a moving rendition of “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers.


Kaeli and Dave had wanted “a fun, relaxed Reception with a difference.” As soon as they saw “West Beach Bathers Pavilion” in St. Kilda they knew it was the one.

Portraits were captured in the lingering rays of the mellow afternoon sun. Kaeli’s radiant smile shone brightly, just as it had when she first met Dave.

He was entranced by her beauty and the way her smile lit up her whole face.

Kaeli noticed “how funny and genuinely lovely” Dave was and prophetically she thought: “Dave Regan, that’s the kind of guy you marry!”

Their first date was actually two first dates according to Dave.

Kaeli did not consider Federation Square, dinner and bike riding as a real date because Dave was hiding his true feelings and deliberately creating the impression that he was just a friend.


MacDonald’s and the movies was Kaeli’s idea of the first date, but either way their relationship blossomed and led to a unique and memorable proposal in New York in July 2014.

Dave had organized for Ellie, a bridesmaid, to surprise Kaeli with a treasure hunt around the City, with clues that were linked to songs that the couple both liked.

After two hours of getting lost, Kaeli and Ellie finally reached the entrance to Manhattan Bridge where Dave was waiting patiently on bended knee. At the crucial moment, Kaeli turned away to see if Ellie was coming!

The last clue was “she’ll be standing next to me,” from the song, “Ho Hey”.

Finally, Dave was able to propose and present Kaeli with the designer ring he had chosen. He was touched by her overwhelming happiness and amazing smile.

The proposal was “so romantic and personal” for Kaeli. She appreciated deeply the effort Dave had put in to please her.



Dave loves Kaeli for her generous and infectious soul, her joyfulness and that she forsakes her own feelings and priorities for the one she loves.

“She moved over the other side of the world for me”.

They both now live in New York where Dave works. Kaeli planned the Wedding while they lived apart.

“Dave is just such a positive, genuine, compassionate, thoughtful person. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family and friends.

I know he would do anything to make me happy.”



For the memorable first dance, Kaeli’s sister sang and Dave’s brother played guitar, performing Ed Sheeran’s song, “Thinking Out Loud”.

Surrounded by family and friends, Kaeli and Dave felt loved and celebrated on their Wedding day.

“The special people who attended made the day; for us, one that will never be forgotten. For that we will be eternally grateful.”

Kaeli and Daves Wedding Team:

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