September 1, 2011

Larissa and Kai’s – Engagement Photography

It was Christmas Eve, 2007. The snow settled like a cosy blanket over the city of Seattle, in the north-western United States, where my good friends Kai and Larissa were spending their first Christmas apart from their families. In their apartment, Kai had snuggly tucked something very special into a stocking, hanging on the mantle-piece…

As Larissa reached in, she discovered a beautiful engagement ring, and Kai whispered a question to which Larissa answered without a thought…. Yes! Of course she would marry him!!

Kai was a good friend of Larissa’s brother, Christoph, and they had known each other since the 90’s. Both had family connections to a gliding club – something that would prove to be a shared passion.

Romance blossomed when Larissa returned to Germany after her exchange year to Australia and the two found they grew to be more than just friends. They shared a love of gliding, dancing and music, and ended up spending more and more time together.

Kai knew Larissa was the one who made him laugh and had encouraged and supported him to be best person he could be. She is the love of his life.

They have been through so much together, supported each other during the pressure of study and exams – some of which they feel they only made it through because of each other.

What really matters is the laughter and joy they bring to each other, and the simple fact that both just know how special they are to the other.

Larissa and Kai are a wonderful couple and are beautiful friends of mine. I really loved visiting them in Hamburg for their wedding, which took place recently in the hazy green of a German summer. Stay tuned for the official wedding photos on a forthcoming blog!


These photos were featured on Engaged Wedding blog. You can view the post HERE.



Beautiful photos Kirralee! Gorgeous couple and lovely story telling through images and words! The pinwheel shot is such a classic - would look great on a post card!

05:34 September 2, 2011

Garnet Danders

Dear Kirralee, we thank you so much for these beautiful photos!!! Your work is really great!It was nice to meet you in Mölln, and we're so happy that Lari had found a friend like you. We love you, too, mum and dad of Larissa. We hope your flight back was good :)

17:45 September 3, 2011

Larissa Danders-Wicke

Dear Kirralee, thank you very much for the unforgattable engagement shooting and those amazing photos! We really enjoyed the time which we spent together. It really means a lot to us that you came all the way to Germany to take our engagement and wedding photos. You are a fantastic photographer and such a lovely friend to us. We are delighted of your professional work and every little detail you captured. We are very proud that you took our photos! Thank's a lot to a very special and wonderful friend! We miss you already. Kai&Larissa

17:10 September 6, 2011


Beautiful images Kirralee! You really captured the love, and what a beautiful setting! I can't wait to see the wedding photos :)

01:31 September 7, 2011

Hamburg wedding

[...] You can view their engagement photography HERE [...]

08:26 July 16, 2013