May 5, 2016

Laura and Zach – Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

Laura and Zach fell in love with Stones of the Yarra Valley at first sight. It was the perfect wedding venue, with everything they needed on site, and a place of breath-taking natural beauty.

Laura, her Mother and friends hired a house nearby so that they could relax and enjoy the wedding day preparations. Everyone shared in the excitement as Laura was carefully buttoned into her glamorous, Catherine R Couture wedding gown.



The sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice and skirt were delicately embossed with finely beaded lace and flowed into a mermaid tail of soft folds and a rippling train.

Laura’s blonde hair was loosely gathered into a twist of soft curls and secured with a glittering, silver hair ornament.

Her sparkling diamond ring evoked precious memories of a surprise engagement in Thailand in 2013. Zach had secretly carried it in his pocket on the plane and all the way to the island of Koh Samui.

After a romantic dinner and a relaxing massage, he knelt down on bended knee and proposed, to Laura’s complete surprise and delight.

Laura loves soft pastel shades and “a bit of bling” so she “introduced champagne sparkle subtly” in the bridesmaids’ dresses and décor.

Comforted by a reassuring and loving hug from her Father, Laura was on her way to Stones for a first glimpse of Zach and her guests.


The curving, creamy driveway leading to the Chapel was lined with carefully trimmed trees and rustic wedding signs. Spacious green fields, vibrant vineyards and hazy blue ranges beckoned under an endless sky.

Zach and his groomsmen, in fashionable dark suits, relaxed with cool drinks in the garden.

Laura’s first impression of Zach was that he looked “so handsome.”

His “warm, gentle eyes”, that had intrigued her at their first meeting in 2009, shone with love and admiration at “how stunning she looked.”

“How happy we both looked.”

Plentiful arrangements of pretty flowers in pink, pale blue and lavender enhanced the serene beauty of the Chapel. The sacred atmosphere was warmed by the love of well-wishing family and friends.

Laura beamed a wondrous smile as she entered arm in arm with her proud parents.



Special moments for Laura and Zach were speaking their vows as they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes and seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

They walked down the aisle to the song, “Stuck on You” by Meiko. Guests showered the newlyweds with pretty pink and white rose petals in a portrait of pure joy and celebration.



There is so much that Laura and Zach cherish in each other. Zach loves Laura’s warmth, tolerance, and freckles and that she is an excellent cuddler.

Laura loves Zach’s cheeky sense of humour and that he is mature, practical and caring.

Laura would love to have Zach’s patience and metabolism and he would love her organizational skills and metabolism.

They make each other laugh…. “especially when I tickle him and he snorts! Hilarious!”

“….and when she talks in her sleep – the most random stuff!”


The Reception room featured abundant floral arrangements in Laura’s favourite pastel shades. Festoons of greenery and a myriad twinkling fairy lights and tiny candles created a glittering wedding wonderland for dining, speeches and dancing.

As Laura and Zach performed their romantic first dance to, “I Won’t Give Up”, by Jason Mraz, the fairy lights glowed ever more brightly against the velvet night sky.

Laura’s attention to detail and creative planning provided many unique touches to their special day


Instead of having pre-selected witnesses for the wedding, Laura and Zach had randomly placed two “winning cards” under the chairs. Each of the guests felt under their seat to see who would have the honoured prize of signing the Marriage Certificate.

As the celebration drew to a close, delighted guests created a sparkling avenue of light for Laura and Zach to leave the Reception.

Safely cocooned in their cute “Just Married” car, the newlyweds were delighted as they reflected on their wedding day – “the food was excellent, the guests were happy, the styling went to plan and we had a blast!”


Laura and Zach’s Wedding Team:

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