May 26, 2017

Atika and Jamie – Macedon Ranges Wedding

Atika and Jamie had chosen to be married in the “stunning gardens” of Bolobek, a picturesque, rustic property, nestled at the foot of the mighty Macedon Ranges and located close to their new home.

Jamie was very excited about the wedding but nervous about the rain which he had heard was heading towards the mountains. He began to be overwhelmed by emotion and had to compose himself. “ All the emotions of the biggest day in my life got to me.”


Inside Bolobek’s quaint onsite cottage, Atika also felt excited, but surprisingly relaxed, as family members and hair and make-up professionals helped her to prepare for the special day ahead.

Atika savoured the magical moment of donning her Anna Campbell wedding gown. Overlaid with delicate, gossamer lace in intricate patterns and scalloped designs on the skirt, it featured a sash with an impressive bow and a full, lacy train.

An abundant bouquet showcased Atika’s favourite blooms –pops of Peonies in vibrant coral and pretty peach.

Boloek_Macedon_Ranges_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_002 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_003 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_004 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_005 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_006

Jamie beamed with joy, stylishly dressed in a midnight blue velvet jacket and bowtie with a peachy rose buttonhole, as he waited eagerly for the first glimpse of his beautiful bride.

Emotions ran high as he greeted his niece and nephew with a warm hug.

Moments later, Atika emerged from under the flowery Wisteria arch.

“How simply stunning my beautiful bride looked! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. All I wanted was to have her by my side.”

Joining Jamie at the leafy altar, Atika experienced “many mixed emotions with lots of happy tears. And the reality that after nearly two years of being engaged, Jamie and I were getting married!”

A light shower of rain could not dampen the spirit of the day. Amidst lush greenness and sprinkles of dainty white Columbines, Atika and Jamie tenderly exchanged their vows and wedding bands.

The newlyweds greeted their guests with radiant smiles as Charlene Soraia’s soulful song, “Wherever You Will Go”, accompanied them down the aisle.

Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_007 Boloek_Macedon_Ranges_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_008 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_009 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_010 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_011 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_013 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_014 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_015 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_016

The love and admiration between Atika and Jamie was palpable as they gazed into each other’s eyes and strolled hand in hand through leafy bowers and drifts of flowers.

“I know I have Atika’s unconditional love and support, no matter what.”

“When I’m around Jamie, I’m at my most comfortable, my best.”

Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_017 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_018

When they had first met in 2011, Jamie was captivated by Atika’s “beautiful smile” and intrigued by her sense of mystery in “not revealing too much of herself too soon.”

Atika noticed “Jamie’s talkative nature, (even though it may have been some nervous talking!) and his kind and caring nature.”

A first date followed at the Richmond Hill Café and Larder on the recommendation of Jamie’s best man, Jacob.

Exactly three years later, on Christmas morning, 2014, on the Pont Des Artes Bridge in Paris, city of romance, Jamie proposed.

Jamie clearly remembers feeling nervous, “but I knew I was making one of the best decisions of my life, asking the woman I loved so very much to marry me in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

How surprised and delighted Atika was “that Jamie had not only purchased a ring on his own that I loved so much, but how he had planned to propose on Christmas Day, (our three year Anniversary together), and had chosen such a special place to ask me to marry him.”

Jamie had previously taken note of Atika’s preferences regarding jewellery and had enlisted a savvy friend, Hayley, to help him.

Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_019 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_020 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_021 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_022 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_023 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_024 Boloek_Woodend_Wedding_Photographer_Kirralee_025

A Wedding Reception followed at aringo Food & Wine Co in New Gisborne, “a favourite eatery for both of us for some time”, featuring local produce.

“Our wedding theme was a paired back yet elegant style.”

Atika had incorporated a personal touch into the decor with a palette of dark navy, and splashes of coral. Rose gold adorned the signs, handwritten cards for the Wishing Tree and the Thank-you cards that were tied to the terracotta pots filled with mini succulents which they had planted themselves.

Wedding days fly by quickly but Atika and Jamie had savoured every moment as friends had advised. Even so, “for us, it went quicker than quick!”

“One special moment was when Jamie and I were sitting in the car on the way to the Reception and it was just us and we could pause and reflect on what had just taken place.”

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It was a pleasure to photograph such a wonderful and beautifully down to earth couple on their wedding day. I wish Atika and Jamie every happiness for the future.

Atika and Jamie’s Macedon Ranges Wedding Team:

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