September 1, 2015

Katy and Ty – Mountain Goat Wedding

Katy was “surprisingly calm and content” on the morning of her Wedding day. She and Ty were to be married in glorious sunshine at the Melbourne Museum.

Everything had been planned to the very last detail.

“I had the theory that as long as I got to marry my best friend, it didn’t matter what else happened as nothing was going to bring me down from my ecstatic cloud!”

Ty was “excited more than anything”, confident in Katy’s meticulous planning and that everyone was going to be relaxed and have a great day.

Katy and her bridesmaids prepared at the art-inspired Olsen hotel in Prahran.


Her romantic, softly draped, Mariana Hardwick Wedding gown featured a gossamer-fine, feather-light skirt, a “champagne” fabric belt and a silver, ornate buckle.

Katy glowed with the delicious anticipation of seeing her beloved.



When the happy couple first met four and a half years earlier as employees at the Melbourne Cricket Club, Ty was smitten by Katy’s beauty and told his housemates that he had “fallen in love” with her immediately.

Katy vividly remembers Ty’s smile, “handsome ruggedness and charm”.

A beautifully planned proposal was almost foiled when Katy decided to work back late on November 29th, 2012.

Feeling nervous, Ty waited patiently, having placed a large vase of Katy’s favourite flowers on the table and the words, “I love u”, spelt out in her favourite lollies.

Finally, at 8pm, Katy arrived home, tired and exhausted.

“I will never forget the look of excitement and nervousness on his face, (and his shaking hands!), when I first walked through the door and he was kneeling down waiting for me.”

After a moment of shock and disbelief, she immediately said ‘Yes!” She admits embarrassingly that her very first words were unprintable!

Katy was deeply moved by the time, effort and thought that Ty had put into making the proposal so special and memorable and secretly choosing the “perfect” ring.

Kind and generous, “he would move the world for me if I asked him!”


Looking cool and relaxed in white shirts and ocean blue suits, Ty and his Groomsmen waited expectantly in the sunny courtyard of the Museum.

An emotional acoustic rendition of Christina Perri’s, “A Thousand Years”, accompanied Katy as she walked down the red, carpeted aisle with her Father.

Ty’s heart beat a little faster and any nerves melted away in the joy of seeing his beautiful bride drawing closer to him.

“Everything felt so right. I was going to marry the person I loved most in front of all the people that we love so much”.

When Katy first glimpsed Ty, her heart skipped a beat.

“I was so overwhelmed with happiness that this moment had finally arrived and it was actually happening.”


Instead of a reading, Ty’s sister, Lisa, sang Ellie Goulding’s, ”How Long Will I Love You”, during the ceremony – a poignant memory to be cherished forever.

Guests clapped delightedly as Katy and Ty shared a passionate first embrace as husband and wife.


A special Portrait was taken at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a place that holds treasured memories of Katy and Ty’s initial meeting and courtship.


A rousing Reception followed at the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond.

The venue “ticked all the boxes” for inner City convenience and ambience – relaxed, rustic and industrial; a place where guests would be able to “kick up their heels” and have a great night.

Katy and Ty fondly remember surprising their guests by entering the brewery via the roller door rather than the normal entrance.

“The cheers from our guests were so uplifting and there was a sea of ribbon wands being waved in celebration and excitement.”


The Reception area was a feast for the senses – fairy lights, interesting textures of bricks, wood, concrete and metal, delicious aromas of colourful cuisine, upbeat music and Katy and Ty’s unique personal touches.

Katy had spent many hours searching bridal blogs, magazines and Etsy for inspiration and materials and had decorated jars and frames in her own style – relaxed, elegant and contemporary with a neutral palette.

Ty had grown individual pots of grass for each guest as “an ode to the MCG” where they had first met.

Katy’s Mother created the delicious flower laden Wedding cake and her Father crafted the wooden “wishing well” letterbox.

A display of Wedding day photos of Katy and Ty’s family members meant that the Grandparents could be there in Spirit as well.

The newlyweds’ first dance was performed to Labrinth’s, “Beneath Your Beautiful”, a favourite song since their Engagement. Dance preparation was limited to a few quick practices of some general moves the day before the Wedding!


Katy and Ty are in synch with each other, not only on the dance floor, but also sharing quirky humour, similar values and many common interests.

“We wanted our guests to walk away boasting about how much fun they had.”

Katy and Ty clearly achieved their wish and so much more!


Katy and Ty’s Wedding Team:

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