November 20, 2015

Lin + William – Paringa Estate Winery Wedding

The boutique Flinders Hotel, built in 1889, provided a charming setting for Lin as she prepared for her Wedding day.

Despite feeling “a little nervous and emotional”, she relaxed into the skilled hands of her hair and make-up artist and excitedly anticipated her first glimpse of William at the Paringa Estate Winery in Red Hills, on the Mornington Peninsula.


With her best friend at her side, Lin slipped into the ethereal, Maria Gonzales Wedding gown. The sheer, soft fabric and intricate lace bodice were secured at the waistline with a smooth satin sash.

A generous, captivating bouquet featured touches of blue amidst pale apricot and delicate pink roses and silver foliage.


William waited expectantly at the Winery, cutting a fine figure in full Scottish regalia supplied by Andersons’ Kilts. Nervous and excited, he glimpsed his glowing bride walking the long aisle with her brother.

The music of the song, “Even When I’m Sleeping”, floated on the warm, clear air and the lush surroundings created a picturesque backdrop for the outdoor ceremony.


The exquisite moment had finally arrived and Lin felt “surreal”. William was entranced by “how beautiful Lin looked.”

An extra special attendant was their beloved dog, Oscar. He was eagerly pulling on the lead, sporting a tartan bowtie and carrying the precious Wedding rings towards them.

“We were glad he made it without needing a bathroom break!”



After an adoring first kiss as husband and wife, the newlyweds had portraits taken in the rustic driveway of the Paringa Estate Winery.

Their relationship had begun after a first meeting at the movies with friends, watching a chick flick, “Failure to Launch”. Lin was impressed by William’s easy- going nature, (he didn’t object to the movie), and that he was “shy, cute and considerate”.

William saw Lin as confident, “a little goofy” and also cute.


Their official first date was at The Flower Drum restaurant in Melbourne City.

In June 2014 they were engaged. William, afraid of heights, had proposed on bended knee during a one hour sunset tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Lin thought it “a bit weird” that William would suggest the activity due to his fear. When he took ages to get ready she assumed he was nervous and going to back out.

Later she discovered that the delay was due to the ring, that he had secretly chosen, needing to be tied on securely for the climb!

“It was surreal. There were people in our group that even started crying!”

Paringa Estate Winery Wedding


The intimate Reception venue was perfect for Lin and William’s “small, casual afternoon cocktail wedding” as they both love good wine and food.

The Winery is renowned for its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz, has a two hatted restaurant and was happy to have Oscar, the family dog, included in the formalities.

“The team were also a pleasure to work with”.


The light-filled dining area featured floor to ceiling windows showcasing green fields, rolling hills and verdant vineyards against a backdrop of thick woodland and open sky.

A highlight of the Wedding Reception were the speeches made by William’s Father, Lin and William.

“William was always going to wear a kilt because of his Scottish heritage so we used his family tartan in a few different ways – on the invites, as a ribbon around the cake…we basically just made it up as we went and picked things that we liked.”

The happy newlyweds admire each other in so many ways.


Lin loves William’s sense of humour, his quirky Minion impersonation from “Despicable Me”, his kindness, strong family values, cheeky smile and his ability to not worry about small things.

William loves Lin’s intelligence, beauty, kindness, loyalty, strength, her “happy dance” and her organizational skills.



Lin and William reflected that their Wedding day “was everything we wanted it to be.”

“The most important thing for us was celebrating with close family and friends and having time with everyone.”

It was a perfect day in every way, with fond memories to cherish forever.


Lin and William’s Wedding Team:

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