October 13, 2015

Jessica + David – Burnley Gardens & Playroom Wedding

A luxurious, upper storey suite in Melbourne’s plush Metropol Hotel provided a special setting for Jessica’s Wedding Day preparations.

Lovingly assisted by her Mother and bridesmaids, Jessica donned her vintage Collette Dinnigan gown of filmy, floral, embroidered fabric. The deep V neckline, fitted bodice and softly gathered skirt, delicately decorated with trailing flowers, evoked cool, natural elegance.

Sparkling silver accessories and a colourful, full-flowered bouquet of delicious sunset hues, complemented Jessica’s bridal attire.


David and his Groomsmen were waiting expectantly in the cool greenness of the heritage listed Burnley Gardens, the “perfect place” that he and Jessica had discovered for their Wedding Ceremony.

This verdant jewel, hidden away on Melbourne University’s Burnley Campus, allowed the loving couple “to embrace the simple experience of the gardens to capture our special day.”

“We loved the weaving pathways, open lawns, secret gardens and archways with flowing Wisteria vines”.


Jessica’s attention to detail as an interior Designer and Stylist was evident in the personal touches – David’s eye-catching, blue gingham pocket square and the small band of twine around each impressive buttonhole.

The Ceremony took place in the fragrant shade of towering Pine Trees.

Jessica walked the grassy aisle accompanied by her Father and a beautiful acoustic guitar rendition of “Songbird”, by Eva Cassidy,

Jessica and David were “so happy to see each other, past the crowd of family and friends” gathered on the soft lawn.

“We had a great time up there; it almost felt like just the two of us”. “We were surprised we didn’t cry but it just felt right, even funny at times”.


After a passionate embrace as husband and wife and a showering of rose petals, the happy newlyweds had portraits taken amongst refreshing greenery sprinkled with vibrant flowers.

“We had incredible confidence that we could just let the day unfold with true emotions, expression and joy being captured naturally as they happen.”


As teenagers, Jessica and David first met around a bonfire in Gembrook in the Winter of 2002 whilst celebrating the life of a mutual friend who had tragically passed away.

“It was a very emotional time for us and we had a strong connection straight away.” “We were young but we knew we had found each other that night.”

A first date followed and they arranged to meet at a local park in Emerald.

Blushing, glitter lip-glossed, neat and tidy private school girl meets ‘90’s bedroom poster boy with styled bleached hair, the latest sneakers, sweaty palms and Souvlaki sauce dribbled down the front of his shirt! A very fond and vivid memory for both!


The relationship blossomed and led to a surprise Engagement that was “the most overwhelming, happiest moment we had ever shared together.”

David had convinced Jessica to stop there on their way to having dinner with her parents, in celebration of the recent sale of the family home.

Jessica hadn’t been feeling well that day and was not in a good mood. She was hesitant about stopping as she worried about being late and running out of fuel but luckily succumbed to David’s persuasion.

“We had many memories shared here; picnics, big discussions and decisions made.”

When David asked her to remember those meaningful times in their special place, Jessica jokingly enquired if he had something to ask her.

And of course, he did!

The whole family was waiting excitedly at Chateau Yering, Yarra Valley, to celebrate an Engagement, not a house sale at all.

David’s distraction that day and his insistence that Jessica wear a certain dress, and her Mother’s concerned checking re her state of health, all made sense in hindsight.

David had consulted with Jessica’s closest friend before having the impressive diamond Engagement ring especially made, by a lady who had personally crafted jewellery for Jessica’s late Grandmother.

One of those precious pieces became the base for Jessica’s Wedding band.



A cocktail style Wedding Reception was held at a converted Victorian loft called “Playroom”, in Fitzroy.

The venue shone with light from arched picture windows, creamy brick walls and furniture, polished wood, glowing tea light candles and festoon lighting sparkling from exposed truss ceilings.

Antique crystal vases filled with fragrant roses, oversized Chestnut greenery and a “whimsically tall” Rose and Freesia, butter cream iced Wedding cake, set the romantic, garden inspired scene.


Jessica and her business partner, Heidi, had carefully considered each element yet kept the overall décor simple and enchanting.

The design philosophy for Jessica and David’s Wedding “was based on capturing our love and Spirit and the natural botanicals from the garden.”

Memorable, “incredible” speeches evoked love, laughter and tears.

A special treasure is a letter board, choc full of heart-warming personal messages.

Jessica and David are “forever grateful” to family and friends for sharing enjoyable conversations, outings, celebrations and support.




The newlyweds’ first dance was to “I’m With You”, by Avril Lavigne, reminding them of the early years of their relationship.

Jessica and David are “the closest of companions” yet individual and independent. Their love is “strong” and “gets better every year that we know and choose to be together in this life.”

The wonderful, love-filled memories created on their Wedding Day will bring them joy forever.


Jessica and Dave’s Wedding Team:


chris charlton

Stunning pics once again Kirralee...loved the venue for wedding, the gardens are lovely, and an unusual place for the reception...keep up the good work, you are a genius...Love and Light, Chris. xoxox

18:27 November 26, 2015


Beautiful location and gorgeous photos! Good job!

07:20 January 23, 2018