January 4, 2015

My Reflections on my year

As one year comes to a close and another one has just began, it’s the perfect time to appreciate and celebrate the highlights of the previous twelve months.

I am passionate about photography, particularly for weddings and engagements. Being able to do a job that I love is the best feeling in the world!

A warm thank you to all the wonderful couples who have entrusted me to photograph their “big day” – to capture the intimate, tender moments and rich emotions that abound on such happy occasions.

I feel so honoured to be invited to be a part of each of your wedding days.

I strive for my photos to reflect your love, your relationship and the things that bind you together.

The beginning of the year was very busy for me as I photographed twenty weddings in just four months!

After that it was time for my husband David and myself to spend almost the remainder of the year on our “holiday of a life-time”.

David had spent many hours planning, reading travel blogs and books and studying maps on the Saturdays when I was happily photographing weddings.

What an amazing trip he created! The adventure began in Mexico, and then continued on to colourful Cuba.

The major part of our journey was a six month, 25,000 mile trek across forty US states in our cute little van.

There were so many diverse landscapes to capture through the lens of my trusty camera – hot, dry deserts, rugged mountains, cavernous canyons and refreshing seascapes, plus the individual flavour of different towns and cities along the way.

I love photographing the small, subtle details that others might overlook which create uniqueness and atmosphere and bring images to life.

We enjoyed spectacular views, ate lots of great food, viewed surreal sunrises and sunsets, and watched the world go by in that relaxing way that comes with having time on your side.



Long travel always puts life into perspective. It was clear to me that there is really no-one in the world that I love more than the special person who sat beside me in that dusty van for all those months.

I missed my parents and loved ones and I did get homesick at times but it made our reunion all the more special.

During our travels we worked on our first online project together, making our very own Travel Blog. I took the photos and Dave wrote the words. It was a creative “labour of love” and the perfect way to share our experiences.

If you would like to visit our blog it’s at www.mexicotonewyork.com

After a UK stopover to visit family and friends, I stepped off the plane in Melbourne and began photographing weddings again with a fresh perspective and renewed creative energy.

I realized that there isn’t anything more important than our loved ones.

And when it comes to weddings, it isn’t just about the dress, the venue, the cake or all the trimmings – it’s about marrying your best friend and lover and having all the people you love standing right there witnessing and sharing in your love and joy as a couple.

I feel so lucky that it’s my job to capture all that love and emotion for eternity!

I wish all my clients and readers a very safe and happy New Year filled with fun adventures and lots of love!



Thanks for sharing your reflections of a very exciting 2014.You are a wonderful example of what the famous poet Rumi said "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" Keep shining Kirralee.

17:57 January 5, 2015

Wedding Institute of Australia

Lovely post and beautiful images, well done! From, The WIA Team :)

19:02 January 27, 2015

wedding photographer

This is great...

02:00 April 12, 2015


Congratulations and nice work!

11:50 October 10, 2015