October 5, 2014

Erin + Ty – Train Trak Wedding

First dates are memorable occasions which are truly unique and meaningful for every couple.

In 2002, Erin and Ty experienced their own very special first date – a home-cooked, (by Mum), candle-lit, Schnitzel dinner in Ty’s bedroom, eaten from the table he had made in Woodwork!

It was certainly a success and now, several years later, the loving couple were preparing to become husband and wife.


Erin felt “relaxed, content, loved and excited” at the thought of seeing Ty.

Smiling broadly and with sparkling eyes, Erin was carefully buttoned into the sculptured, figure-flattering bodice of fine, sheer-edged lace.

A full, filmy peplum softly skimmed her silk-smooth skirt and train. Sleeveless and with plunging v necklines front and back, the gown was cool and classy.

A dainty, fascinator veil was seductively placed over Erin’s forehead and her softly swept-back hair.

On her wrist, Erin wore the Tiffany pearl bracelet that Ty had given her when he nervously and shyly proposed two years earlier, in December 2012. Ty loved her excited reaction to his proposal. He also presented Erin with a sparkling, solitaire diamond ring which he specially chose for her himself.


Erin glowed with serene beauty and calm elegance. Her four bridesmaids who wore retro-styled, knee-length dresses of the palest pastel shades of blue, pink, lemon and green.

Funky pastel oval rings, (thank-you gifts from Erin to her attentive bridesmaids), and perfect posies of delicate, shell pink roses, enhanced the subtle colour scheme.


Ty and his groomsmen shared pre-wedding camaraderie as they donned their flattering blue suit coats, crisp white shirts and “cheeky” blue, polka dot bowties.

“Relaxed and ready to go”, Ty was honoured to wear his late Father’s watch as a very special memento.


Erin and Ty found their “perfect wedding venue” at Train Trak Winery in the picturesque Yarra Valley, north-east of Melbourne.

They wanted a barn-style wedding and loved the rustic colours and textures in the cellar “chapel”, (with its amazing view), and Zonzo Restaurant, surrounded by patchwork fields, lush vineyards, panoramic views, luxurious lawns and green vistas.

“The venue had so much character that we didn’t want to add too much decoration that would take your eye away from the space.”

Metal, low wooden beams, corrugated iron and weathered wood were enhanced by Erin’s selection of invitations, green and white flowers, vases of tin and terracotta, and “touches” of hessian, twine, wire, blackboard and chalk.

Train_Trak_Yarra_Valley_Wedding_025Train_Trak_Yarra_Valley_Wedding_026Train_Trak_Yarra_Valley_Wedding_027On first seeing Ty in the chapel, Erin “felt warmth and a smile” come across her face.

“I had been so excited to see him all morning and so looking forward to standing with all our family and friends, holding his hand.”

Ty felt excited and content and proudly admired Erin looking “beautiful and free”.

As Erin walked the aisle to stand with Ty, selected loved ones each presented her with a flower for her bouquet. In a moment of exquisite beauty and symbolism, Ty offered the final flower to Erin and her Mum lovingly secured the blooms together with string.

Another sacred and special moment for Ty and Erin was speaking their vows. Illuminated by the Summer sun, the couple’s love and unity shone for all to see.

Erin felt “safe and comfortable” as she and Ty shared their tender first kiss as husband and wife.

They beamed with happiness, walking the “aisle” together to the song, “How long I Love You” by Ellie Goulding.


Train Trak Winery provided a stunning rustic backdrop for Erin and Ty’s couple portraits.

Rich and varied scenery enhanced and highlighted the tenderness, joy and intimacy of Erin and Ty’s relationship – capturing “our kind of love”.

Ty says he was initially attracted by Erin’s appearance, but he soon discovered “her beautiful nature, her smile, her patience, her thoughtfulness and the way she cares for others.” Her kindness is a trait he particularly admires.

Erin, initially intrigued by Ty’s sense of fun and humour, loves his “wittiness, cheeky character, thoughtfulness, his determination to provide for his family and me and the way he shows his love for me.” His witty comments and attempts at singing and dancing always make her laugh!


At Zonzo, the Reception venue, the happy couple and their guests enjoyed traditional Italian cuisine of pizza and slow-cooked roast and the custom of “shared table”, bringing family and friends together.

Reflecting on their special day, Ty was very happy to have his Pop attend the Wedding and to have a “good chat” with him.

Erin loved the time spent being photographed with Ty, the speeches and being surrounded by, and dancing with, “all the most important people in my life.”


Cutting the cake and sealing their wish with a passionate kiss, Erin and Ty look forward to many happy times together as husband and wife and to making those wishes come true!

Erin and Ty’s Wedding Team:

  • Even painting by the very talented Pia Barber (Pia paints the scene of your reception)
  • Ceremony: Train Trak in the Yarra Valley
  • Reception: Zonzo
  • Styling: The talented bride Erin
  • Florist: Sarah Beddome
  • Hairdresser: Chelsea Thomas
  • Make-up artist: Nicola Snell
  • Brides dress: Luci Di Bella
  • Bridesmaids dresses: Hand made
  • Grooms Suit: Jack London
  • Groomsmen suits: Jack London
  • Cake: The Cake Company
  • Music: Top Dog Entertainment


Beautiful shots as always Kirralee. What a gorgeous bride too!

16:07 October 9, 2014


Excellent stuff. I like its nativity.

16:35 November 2, 2014


Beautiful photos.

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